Hi there!!
This is an art blog where I will mainly post my own art and doodles.

Sorry my style is all over the place ... ;;;;;;
I like to experiment a lot so you'll see it change quite a bit.

I will do my best to post as frequent as possible!


Full list of fandoms on main

Currently Into Drawing:
- One Piece
- HxH
- HQ!!
- Tales of Series
- One Piece
- Sweet Fuse
- Fire Emblem
- Phoenix Wright
- Ghost Trick
I will have these acrylic keychains at AX 2014 #E35. Please come see visit me *U*!!
(I wasn’t going to post this on tumblr because I wasn’t sure if they were going to arrive on time for AX, but I’m 99% sure they will!!)

YOOOOO! I will be AT AX table E35!! Here it is on the map :’D
1) ILL HAVE PRINTS!! theyll be buy one for 15, or buy 2 and get one free!! (my tablemate mirukupie will have the same deal~!)

2) I have a big range of stickers(pokemon, HQ&Yowapedal, vocaloid, sticker pages, etc) , and for charms I have some from Supernatural, Free! And a few random assorted charms

3) YES I WILL HAVE A FEW ADOPTABLES! Theyll range from 15-50$ (and perhaps some extra small ones for 5$), so if you’re interested they will be in my portfolio at my table! Just let me know if you are interested and I can tell you more about it, and show you what I have ^7^



 Bring me some Pocky (strawberry or chocolate) and Ill give you 3 small stickers or 2 large stickers! (~3-5$ value)

 Bring me any San-X (Kutsushita Nyanko, Sumikko Gurashi, TarePanda, etc )
 merchandise, like stickers, stationary, small plushies, pencil cases, erasers (please dont spend more than 5-6$!!), and Ill give you 10$ off your purchase~!
(examples of san X characters: Sumikko Gurashi… , Kutusita Nyanko… )

I’ll be tabling with this qtpie !! So please come visit us B)))
I’m also open to doing print trades with any who’s also tabling. Just come by and ask if I want to do trades!
(I’m suppose to have keychains.. but I’m not sure if they will come in time ;;;; We’ll see if I get them in time hahhaa-)
Nanami and Chiaki piece I did for the SDR2 fanbook!!
Join ginko on a stroll in the forest~
Fanime 2014 Map is out and my table is #1210. Cries on the inside because its so far ;;;;;;I will be with my friends who have dangans/yowapedals and a bunch of other awesome series so please come and visit us!! B)) We will love the company~ 
We will also have a bunch of artbooks that we participated in so please check us out and say hi!
See you all soon~
Oyasumi …
Journey print!!I love to chirp at my partners and hear them respond. <3
HxH and NGE charm wipers I’m going to be selling at Fanime/AX *U*Please come to my table and say hello if you see me!!
My first animated thingy on Photoshop! I wanted to paint something quick so I did the head of the Merchant from Fragile Dreams cuz I like his design.
Quick doodle of Teepo from Tales of Xillia. I wish I had my own Teepo plushie ;v; 
Sometimes I like to run around as Elize because Teepo follows her around.